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At Steel Solaris, we are the only company offering global
solutions in the steel sector for renewable energy.

At Steel Solaris, we are part of the Steel Division of CL Grupo Industrial.Our companies are leaders in the steel sector, enabling us to create synergies to centralize all the needs of the photovoltaic sector. The location of our companies ensures cost optimization, making us unique in the market.



Steel Solaris

At Steel Solaris, we offer a global solution in the construction of projects with metal structures for the Photovoltaic Solar Industry. We provide a comprehensive solution for photovoltaic projects, from design and manufacturing to final delivery.

Steel Solaris

We provide optimal solutions for each project according to the specific needs of each client. Our experience and specialization in the steel sector for the photovoltaic market make us unique in the international market.

Steel Solaris
We are part of CL Grupo industrial, one of the most important corporations in Spain, whose objective is to strengthen the industrial fabric and generate synergies. The companies that make up the Steel Division, nos permiten ser referentes en el sector siderúrgico.
We consider it essential to to reduce energy consumption en nuestros procesos de fabricación. Desarrollamos proyectos para mejorar la eficiencia y reducir nuestros consumos energéticos. Contamos con certificados en los sistemas de sostenibilidad siderúrgica.


Our ability to adapt to the needs of each client allows us to be present in international photovoltaic projects in Europe and America.

We comply with international certification standards to ensure the safety and quality of our products.

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At Steel Solaris we are part of CL Grupo Industrial, a diversified corporation in sectors such as steel (where our company operates), renewable construction, chemicals, packaging, and beauty, among others.

The Group consists of 28 Spanish companies known for strengthening the industrial fabric and promoting an industry with soul.